Skylight Repairs Dublin

Have you a problem with the skylight, roof window or velux window at your home in ? Why not call our repair specialists for a free estimate? Most houses have one style of skylight or another. From a velux tilt window to a roof window or attic window, they all are built for the same … Read more

Felt flat roof life expectancy

Even though they do not have the equivalent lifespan of either rubber roofing or a tiled roof, Felt roofs are still considered strong and durable, with an expected lifespan of over 20 years. However, to get the most out of your felt roof, you should perform maintenance regularly on it. Check your roof every few … Read more

Skylight windows for flat roofs

One of the most common brands used for putting a skylight window on a flat roof is the Velux brand. They are a high-quality brand that has been in the business for years, which means you can rest assured of the quality of their flat roof windows. The most common reason for a skylight or … Read more

What is the best material for a flat roof?

The right material for your flat roof is not about what has the better lifespan; other factors come into play, such as how exposed is the roof to the weather and crosswinds, will it have any foot traffic on it and similar questions. You must choose the best flat roof material for the project, and … Read more

How Much To Re-Roof A House in Ireland

Even though people like to save money and love a good bargain, you really should not skimp on the cost of re-roofing a house in Ireland. Like us, an experienced roofer in Dublin will always try to charge a fair and balanced price. For example, replacing the roof tiles outright with just new tiles is … Read more

Bird Nest Removals

Bird Nest Removals in Dublin

If you have birds nesting on the roofline of your home or in your attic, you should really get them removed. They can create a long term problem from nesting and blocking your vents and leaving faeces in your attic. Birds generally nest in the attic are near the air vents or behind fascia boards … Read more

Gutter Cleaning Dublin

Gutter Cleaning in Dublin

If you need a gutter cleaning service near you in , our team can help. We provide services that include washing down gutters, blowing through them using a power washing system, inspecting and freeing up the downpipes and more. Once we have cleaned off the gutters, we can seal the inside of the guttering system, … Read more

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning in Dublin

One of the most important features of looking after your home is the maintenance of your roof. You should do this maintenance every couple of years or live near trees, once a year. Roof cleaning is one of the most affordable and vital ways of carrying out maintenance on your roof. Firstly, the roof will … Read more

Emergency Call Outs

As we are based locally so we can provide an emergency call out service to be with you in less than 1 hour within and any nearby areas which includes both north Dublin and south Dublin areas. Thankfully, we do not get too many storms or tropical weather hitting us, but we know how stressful … Read more

Roof Underlay Replacements

Replacing Roofing Underlay

Do you need to replace the roof underlay at your home in ? Why not call the Roofing Specialists for a quick and free estimate on roof underlay replacements and what the work entails. Roof underlay, roofing membrane or breathable roof felt are laid directly on top of a roofing structure. It creates an effective … Read more