Ridge Tiling Dublin

If you need someone to help with ridge tiling in Dublin, you can rely on our team to carry out fast and reliable work for your ridgeline. From fixing loose ridge tiles by lifting and reseating them to replacing old or cracked ride tiles with new clay ridge tiles.

The vast majority of ridge tiles on roofs in Dublin are fixed by cementing them in, which is known as a wet ridge. However, some newer methods are available, such as dry ridge tile systems available, which provide a longer-term solution as they are mechanically fixed to the roof, avoiding the use of mortar.

Ridge Tile Repairs in Dublin

Our team is available to talk you through the issues that you may have with the ridge tiles on your roof; we can use our drone or cameras to highlight the problem for you, such as gaps or loose mortar between the tiles, or any damages that could have occurred from wear and tear or even animals.

It is never a wise idea to leave these damages to progress further. Although they are relatively common, further decaying could result in the tiles falling altogether, leading to injury. However, as safety is one of our top priorities, we always want to ensure that your roof is both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

If we notice a problem, our Dublin roofers provide an excellent roofing repair service to fix it fast before it progresses any further. Of course, our specialists will only do this once we have consulted with you first. We provide other options alongside our ridge tiling; these options include chimney repairs and fixing damaged roofing valleys.

Ridge Tiling Services

  • New ridge tiles
  • Dry ridge tile systems
  • Wet ridge tiling
  • Repairing ridge tiles
  • Replacing ridge tiles
  • Fixing loose ridge tiles

Call our Roofing Specialists on 01 264 6790 to book a free and quick estimate on ridge tiling in Dublin.

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