Emergency Call Outs

As we are based locally so we can provide an emergency call out service to be with you in less than 1 hour within Dublin and any nearby areas which includes both north Dublin and south Dublin areas.

Thankfully, we do not get too many storms or tropical weather hitting us, but we know how stressful it can become when it does. We will always try to alleviate as much of the stress as possible and secure your roof to prevent further damage.

Depending on the damage and, of course, the weather at that time, we might carry out a simple patch to prevent further damage and return the next day in better weather. In extreme circumstances, we might recommend leaving the house whilst we carry out the work as it can be quite extensive.

We once had a tree fall right through a roof of a house, and the poor owners were terrified over the implications. Luckily, they were insured, so we could help them with the paperwork, communicate with the insurance providers and carry out the repairs for them. We did secure the roof to prevent further damage and leaks, but they still had to stay with some friends for a few days due to the severity of the work.

The whole point of the above example is to show that we will help; if it’s just a quick chat on your behalf to the insurance company or to provide some assistance with moving, we want to make sure you do not get any more stressed than you need to.

Our roofers in Dublin provide an emergency call-out services to cover roof repairs, felt roof repairs, and chimney repairs.

If you need an emergency call out, call into our office on 01 264 6790. When we are out of the office, our office phones get redirected to our mobile service, so we are always available to talk.

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