Roofing Repairs Dublin

The most popular type of service we provide is roofing repairs in Dublin. Generally, this type of work gets fairly busy during the stormy weather and winter months, but the wetter days in summer can lead to a fairly full schedule as well.

Most of the roof repairs we undertake are minor and are generally caused by slipped or cracked roof tile, cracked sealant or gaskets around the chimney or damaged flashing on the roof.

When we are called out to these types of repairs, it’s normally fixed within an hour or 2, and the problem is gone for good. We will always try to identify the source of the problem before we start the work and highlight it to you using our drone or cameras.

Other types of light repair work include replacing tiles or fixing ridge tiles.

Roof Repair Services

More serious types of remedial work are skylight repairs, fixing a leaking roof and replacing roof felt under the tiles. The under the roof tiles are more commonly known as a breathable membrane and, once it gets exposed, can easily start to rot or tear.

The most common type of place for this damage is located on the edge of the roof where the elements, birds or similar have been causing wear and tear over the years or around the chimney area. We generally will lift a small section of the roof tiles in this area and cut out the roofing lats and underlay in that area, which applies to clay tiles and slate tiling.

We will replace the underlay with a new breathable membrane felt and lay down the new lats on top of it. The tiles are then placed back on top, and generally, you will not even be able to tell our roofers in Dublin repaired the roof in the area after. (Minus the leak!)

Repair Work Includes:

  • Slate Roof Repair
  • Garage Roof Repair
  • Skylight Repairs
  • Clay Tile Repairs
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Conservatory Repairs
  • Velux Windows
  • Leaks in Ceilings
  • Shed Roofs

We Repair Garages, Sheds, Pitch Roofs and Flat Roofs

We repair work on most roofs, flat roof or pitched, and quality felt roofing service in Dublin. We do residential repairs, shed roof repairs, garage roofing, conservatory and repairs to porches.

If you need roofing repairs in Dublin, please call our Roofing Specialists on 01 264 6790 for a quick and free visit.

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