Roof Valley Repairs Dublin

If you have a problem with the valley on your roof in Dublin, call our Roofing Specialists on 01 264 6790 to schedule a free no-obligation estimate for fixing the roof valley.

We offer a comprehensive service for roof valley repairs and replacements which includes fixing lead flashings, fibreglass roof valleys, fixing leaking roof valleys and more.

The sole purpose of a roof valley is to direct rainwater in the running off to a certain point. If there are leaks in the valley, it can be detrimental to the internal structure of the roof, leading to water getting inside the actual structure and causing roof rot or worse. If it is not stopped in time, you will have to pull up most of your roof to replace the rot in the timber beams.

The most common way to waterproof the valley is to use metals such as Lead, Copper, Aluminium and Zinc. The most common type of sealant used for a roofing valley is lead flashing which can be moulded and tucked underneath the valley’s ridge.

Always try to get your roof checked every couple of years or if you live near trees every year. Since leaves tend to clog up roofing valleys, you cannot see any problems underneath, which means you will only notice once the leaks start. Once the leaking starts, you generally have bigger problems than simply patching the valley, and our roofing contractors in Dublin will have to provide you with immediate help.

We provide other service options throughout Dublin, including ridge tile repairs and repairing damaged underlay on roofs.

Call The Roofing Specialists to schedule a quick and free estimate for roof valley repairs in Dublin.

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