How Much To Re-Roof A House in Ireland

Even though people like to save money and love a good bargain, you really should not skimp on the cost of re-roofing a house in Ireland.

Like us, an experienced roofer in Dublin will always try to charge a fair and balanced price. For example, replacing the roof tiles outright with just new tiles is fairly simple, but you might have rotten underlay, or the roof might be sagging.

The roof is a vitally important protection, not only for the house itself but also for our belongings and ourselves. That’s why when we need a new roof, we should pay a qualified and experienced roofing contractor to build one for us.

If you have damage underneath the roof, it makes no sense to put new tiles on simply. You will need the membrane completely replaced, which means all the lats will be taken up and replaced, and any timber frame beams underneath will have to inspected and any ones with rot replaced.

This makes an accurate price difficult to provide, but we can give you an average cost to replace the roof of a typical house in Dublin will vary from about €4,500 to €8,000. Remember, this is an average cost and not a given. This is why we will always do a visual inspection of the roof from both the exterior and interior to price accordingly for you.

Of course, this is for a tiled roof and not a felt roof, which will be significantly cheaper. However, a felt roof does not have the lifespan of a tiled roof which is why it is nowhere near as costly as a new tiled roof.

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