Felt and Flat Roofs Dublin

Felt and flat roofing repair specialists in Dublin. We provide a fast and affordable service to customers that need their flat roof repaired or a new flat roof constructed on their garage, shed or extension. 100% free estimates with no callout charges.

One of the most common types of flat roofs you will find is felt roofing in Dublin. It’s very versatile, provides good value for money and will easily last 10 years or more provided the felt has been laid properly onto the framework.

Bitumen felt and torch-on felt roofing makes an excellent low-cost option when you’re looking to cover a flat roof such as a garage roof, shed roof or flat-roofed extension. Depending on the style of the flat roof, we might recommend a different membrane thickness to ensure the felt finish is suitable for the works.

Felt Roofing Contractors

Along with fitting new felt roofs, we provide a flat roof repair service where we can assess the work, carry out a patch repair on the felt roof and ensure it’s watertight again.

We will always ensure the felt roof or flat roof is pitched correctly to guarantee no water pooling on the roof. This is vital to the long term lifespan of a flat roof and something a lot of contractors do not pay enough attention to levels. The number of times our roofing contractors for Dublin have been called by a customer that needs help with repairing a leak on the roof is significant and would easily have been avoided if they had pulled a simple level.

The most common type of felt roof style we use is the Paralon System. It is APP modified bitumen waterproofing, BBA certified with a life expectancy of over 30 years. Maintenance-free granular surface. Warm roof incorporating flat or Tapered High-density insulation with high-density bitumen impregnated fibreboard finish. Suitable for decking, garages, sheds and flat roof extensions.

Flat Roof Installers

Our experienced flat roof installers are highly recommended throughout County Dublin and have established a reputation for quality work at very affordable prices.

If you notice a problem with your flat roof, see a leak, or see water pooling on the flat roof, make sure to get it assessed quickly. If water is allowed to pool and leak in, the framework itself on the roof decking will need replacing as well.

Flat Roofing Options Include

  • Felt Roofs
  • Patch Repairs
  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Flat Roof Installers
  • Fibreglass Roofs
  • Rubber Roofs

We provide a very affordable flat roofing service in Dublin where we not only can put down torch on felt roofs; we can install fibreglass roofs, GRP liquid and rubber roofing. Why not reach out to get a quick and free estimate on replacing your felt roof in Dublin.

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