Bird Nest Removals

If you have birds nesting on the roofline of your home or in your attic, you should really get them removed. They can create a long term problem from nesting and blocking your vents and leaving faeces in your attic.

Birds generally nest in the attic are near the air vents or behind fascia boards on your roofline. You might only hear them at the start chirping away but as cute as a baby chick can be, it can become hazardous due to the nesting materials used by the birds, the faeces that birds can easily drop into your water immersion tank along with the high probability of a dead chick or two in your attic!

The points above might seem a bit over the top, but honestly, it is quite possible, and most people seem to think it’s not a problem until they notice some of the above problems…

We can safely remove the birds’ nest for you if you notice it, and we can clean and disinfect the area after it. Once the nest is gone, we can inspect the area, make sure the vents are working correctly and seal off the access points the birds were using to enter your home.

We provide other maintenance services, including a gutter cleaning service and roof painting service in Dublin.

Call our team on 01 264 6790 for assistance on bird nest removals in Dublin, clearing out nests in your attic and help in unblocking your vent system in the attic.

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