Roof Underlay Replacements

Do you need to replace the roof underlay at your home in Dublin? Why not call the Roofing Specialists for a quick and free estimate on roof underlay replacements and what the work entails.

Roof underlay, roofing membrane or breathable roof felt are laid directly on top of a roofing structure. It creates an effective water barrier while still allowing heat and moisture to release underneath the underlay.

Roof underlays can become damaged over time, especially if an inferior quality product was used or exposed to the elements for a period of time. For example, around the chimney area and the roof’s perimeter is the most common areas to spot rotten roof underlay.

When underlays or the roof membrane needs to replaced, the tiles will be lifted in that area. The battons or lats will be cut out to give us access to the underlay, and we will cut out the damaged underlay.

Once the underlay has been replaced, we will apply new battons and lay back down the tiles on top. This is one of the more common types of work we undertake in Dublin, and you can learn more about our roofing repair services for Dublin here.

We provide other services for Dublin, including an emergency call out service for repairs and fixing flat roofs in Dublin.

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